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About This Issue

AT ISSUE: A Brave New World?

On June 15, 2020 and in the following days, I noticed many of my Millennial peers posting on Instagram and Twitter, celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County Georgia as a victory for freedom and liberty and an end to “discrimination.” READ MORE

Feature Story

Pink or Blue? Guiding Parents Through the Transgender Issue

The excitement that accompanies a gender reveal party invitation is nearly universal. Siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends gather to celebrate the joy of new life and focus on one of life’s most basic facts—the human species is comprised of males and females. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

An Inside Look at Adoption: Q&A With Adoptive Parents

Q: How did you know God was calling you to adopt? Was there a point in your lives when it suddenly hit you that this was the right choice, or was it a gradual realization? READ MORE

Spotlight Story

The Triumph of School Choice

Public schools are one of the few institutions that are shielded from consumer choice and competition. Taxpayer dollars flow to school districts children are compelled to attend, regardless of parental satisfaction or outcomes. READ MORE

Commentary from the president

PERSPECTIVE: The Vaccine that Leads to Eternal Life

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit our state, nation, and world months ago, I have been burdened by a conviction that has both plagued and inspired me. READ MORE

About This Issue

AT ISSUE: Worth Fighting For

Recent actions by the U.S. Supreme Court and a seemingly unending war chest of financial resources within the industry have breathed new life into the push for legalized gambling across our nation. READ MORE

Feature Story

Pro-Life Optimism In the Face of Abortion Extremism

As President and CEO of Americans United for Life, America’s founding national pro-life group (established in 1971), I travel extensively all across our nation; going up against abortion apologists on the debate stage; exposing Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry’s dirty tricks and frequent total disregard for our nation’s laws; and educating lawmakers and the […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Gambling: Not My Problem?

I’m a Millennial. I oppose gambling. And the reasons are simple. The gambling industry is a predatory enterprise that hurts real people, often those who can least afford it. For me, the problem is not that gambling creates winners and losers. READ MORE